Cloud-based recruiting software for recruiters

inKoming lets you manage easily and efficiently your recruitments !

  • Applicant Tracking
  • Resume Bank
  • Position management
  • Performant search
  • Interview management
  • Collaboration
  • Integrated emailing tool
  • Highly customizable
Your email inbox always overflows ?

inKoming will create a different email address for each job offers

  • Generated email
  • Hide personal email
  • Centralized messages
  • Forget
  • Template message
  • Auto-replies
Performant search : find the right candidate !

inKoming delivers an efficient search feature

  • Search resume content
  • Saved search
  • Search profile data
  • Complex criterias
  • Logical operator
  • Quick search feature
Reject & notify in one click !

Bulk reject non-selected applicants and automatically a notification email will be sent to them

inKoming for your iPhone & iPad!


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Why use inKoming ?

You will save time and make recurrent tasks less painful (screening, emailing, interviewing, ...)


Organize and improve recruiting

Outlook is not the right tool for tracking applicants. Instead inKoming centralizes all applications in one single place by creating different email address for each open positions.

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Store and search resumes

Search in all the content of all your candidates attachments to find the right skill or education. Also view the content of a resume without downloading them with our quick view feature (DOC,PDF,RTF).



Send emails in one click

Use or create custom mail template and communicate with the candidates directly with inKoming. Centralize all your messages in one single place.

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What they say about inKoming ?

Check out what other people say about us !

The best thing is... Everything! It has all the features to make a smooth recruitment process.
If you are one of those people being bombarded with job applications on e-mail, try inKoming.
inKoming will save you time and time is money.
It is an easy-to-use Applicant Tracking System.

Plans & Pricing

Our subscription plans in detail. Choose the right plan for you!

  • TRY IT !
    • 1 monthly only
    • 10 open positions
    • Unlimited candidates
    • Unlimited users
    Best for: Evaluation

  • S - Small
    • monthly billed
    • 10 open positions
    • Unlimited candidates
    • Unlimited users
    Best for: Start-up

  • M - Medium
    • monthly billed
    • 20 open positions
    • Unlimited candidates
    • Unlimited users
    Best for: Small corp.
  • L - Large
    • monthly billed
    • 30 open positions
    • Unlimited candidates
    • Unlimited users
    Best for: Corporation
  • XL - Extra Large
    • monthly billed
    • 40 open positions
    • Unlimited candidates
    • Unlimited users
    Best for: Big corp.

No extra fees, no commitment, upgrade or cancel your plan at any time (1 month = 30 days)

Unlimited support by email. Critical incidents are managed 24/7

So, how to choose the right plan? First of all, an open position allows you to add candidates, send & receive mails,
and publish the position on your website. You should ask yourself, what is the maximum number of open positions offered simultaneously by my company ? If this number is 10, you should choose plan S, if 15 then M, if 25 then L, if 40 then XL, if more contact us !

Features you'll Enjoy

Our Award Winning application is feature packed and extremely functionnal!


inKoming stores all of your resumes, cover letters, files attached to the candidates and positions. You can also archive unused resumes and candidates for a later usage.


With inKoming your entire HR team is able to actively participate in the recruiting process by sharing resumes, comments and evaluations made after interviews.


With a calendar feature, users can quickly view their interviews dates and other events planned with the candidates. Reminders help you to not forget an important dates.


Communicating with hundreds of candidates can be hard with a basic email application. With inKoming you can define standard emails saved as templates that you can send in one click !


Each open positions can be publish on your corporate website (or internal website) in one click. No needs for webmasters and other IT employees.


inKoming delivers a powerful search feature which allows you to search in the profiles data, resume contents or other informations. These search criterias can also be saved as favourite.